The Gypsy has gone and now we have the Jimny! In this video, we take a detailed look at this fun and small off-roader. We do an in-depth review of the Maruti Jimny. Check it out.

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31 thoughts on “Maruti Jimny Review – India launch soon | Hindi | MotorOctane”
  1. This will be a good car for those who love to drive a SUV in cities like Banglore, Pune Bombay with high traffic density. I request maruti to bring this as it is

  2. This is shit design,,,the old one is too beautiful design and 10 people can accomodate on that,,but this new jimini is too bad,,whi made this design son of a bitch,,,
    Maruthi please wakeup,,we want tbe old design model,,or else increes the lenth as the old one seems..

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