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Losing weight and body fat is about more than just looking good. It’s about feeling good, learning to eat healthily and sustainably, and enhancing your general health and quality of life. This book, Intermittent Fasting, helps you in your weight loss journey and enables you to live a healthy life while you eat your normal, healthy diet.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The concept of intermittent fasting
  • How intermittent fasting works
  • What you can consume while on intermittent fasting
  • Benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Intermittent diet in practice
  • When to fast
  • When to eat
  • What to eat
  • The glycaemic index
  • How to fit fasting into your life
  • Intermittent diet tips and troubleshooting
  • How men fast
  • How women fast
  • Various ways to make the fast diet work for you
  • Intermittent diet plan
  • Fast-day cooking tips
  • Menu plans for women
  • Menu plans for men

This book offers you everything you need to know about intermittent fasting as well as tips and ways to make your fasting work for you whether you’re a male or female. Fasting has also been used by many people as a way to lose weight and body fat—this is exactly what this book provides. With Intermittent Fasting, you will learn to fast as well as keep healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

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