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0:00 Question about Ethereum staking on your own validator node. I’m the sort to prefer holding my own keys but don’t get the big advantage to staking ETH right now in the up market, which would lock them up until v2 is fully online?
6:45 How and when will we see the demise of the central exchanges like Binance.
11:55 Is swapping LTC for BTC, ETH, SOL,DOT, good idea or better keep it?
14:43 What is your financial goal on investing in crypto? What are you going to do after achieving this goal?

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43 thoughts on “Ep. 22: When Should You Stake Your ETH? || Our Financial Goals”
  1. I sincerely hope you achieve all your goals and continue to inspire others to do the same… You're both amazing! You've taught this 'old' newbie a ton already and I'm very happy to be a subscriber to the CT Club 🙂

  2. are those locked up ETH to ETH 2.0 coins to be unlock all at the same time? If so, lots of sales are to be expected right at the time… I would think… no?

  3. Of all the defi exchanges available to Americans which would you recommend for available coins, and saftey? And for some reason I can't shake my emotional attachment to matic, have either of you ever had this problem with a coin.

  4. what's your real instagram page? i see two out there: realcryptotips0 and one called realcpyptootips but they all have your same photos on this instagram realcryptotips which is the real you?

  5. I especially appreciate those words and sentiments at the end of this video. I'll call BS on anyone who tries to shame you for being successful. I don't know how much of this is about jealousy or how much has to do with "privilege" but, either way, "stay disobedient" and stand your ground.

  6. Watched your channel since 2017. Love the new format! I usually have a pina colada while watching your videos. It feels like we’re having dinner/drinks in a tropical bungalow and your across the table from me giving such amazing advise. You should have some tropical drinks during the video…….or at least do it when Bitcoin hits 400K. Keep up the good work!!! SSHHhhh…..please keep this Top Secret!

  7. 9:32 – On exchanges: "There will always be people who chose convenience over fundamentals". Well, people don't have much choice nowadays if they want to go in or out of fiat currencies. There is Bisq, but I know that some banks are labeling these transactions as "suspicious" and block these funds of their own customers. So don't pretend as if people have much of a choice if they want to trade fiat for crypto or vise versa. If you stay in crypto, then a DEX like THORChain is great. But in the real world people still, need to pay their bills in fiat.

  8. Actually Litecoin has been more secure than Bitcoin historically . . . LTC is faster, rarer, cheap fees, faster, privacy option. more decentralised . . South America should be looking at LTC & Dash for a currency . . .

  9. Your stroy is super inspiring, can i ask that you do a video on where you came from? I mean in the sense of growing up in the US, jobs you did, first hearing about Crypto, how you met each other etc.

    I appreciate thats SUPER personal so you may not feel conformable sharing that much. I guess im jut nosey and curious, you guys are super inspiring and have helped me move my ass into gear and start this mad journey into crypto! Happy to take some risks too and share your world view on the madness of the current power structures. Don't want to get too woo woo and out there talking about the satanists in charge LOL! But you get the idea.

    Anyway, would be great to hear your stories from much earlier in life if you feel comfortable sharing that.

  10. Thanks Heidi and Toby. Regarding your section on the demise of Binance. As a new comer to crypto, I don't have much crypto to use on DEX for swapping. I'm going from fiat to crypto whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I'd like to understand what other options there are to convert fiat to crypto without using centralised exchanges, and how safe are they?

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